Who We Are?

Our mission is to make it easy and profitable for pharmacies and drug stores to sell diabetic supplies to their customers. We know how difficult it is to maintain profitability retailing diabetic supplies. Our discounts and customer service will make retailing diabetic supplies pleasant and
profitable for your business once again. We operate under a few sound principles:

  • We will always have the most competitive price in our market, undercutting direct manufacturer distribution by a significant amount. We offer bulk discounts and we price match.
  • We prioritize customer service. You will be able to reach us by phone and email every day of the year, holidays included.
  • Orders placed before 6:00 PM EST will ship same day.
  • Our product quality is a priority. Product is sorted 3 times before shipping to ensure you receive what you ordered in perfect condition.
  • As an alternative, to get even cheaper diabetic supplies we have slightly damaged product available at a huge discount. Please contact your sales rep for availability.